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    To whom it may concern

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  2. We are not interested in finding the “qualified.” This is a search for the brave few who find value in serving others and showing mercy.

  3. This is not a program to participate in but a new way of being A life dedicated to intentional community, humble service, and the stewardship of grace.

  4. The requirement is caring. The measurement is empathy. There will be no credit or accolades.This is not a box to check

  5. Only apply if you are poor in spirit. You mourn. You’re meek. You’re a peacemaker persecuted and insulted, but also blessed, made righteous and redeemed.

  6. Only apply if you believe in giving not taking. When the world tells you to consume, collect, gain, and prove—you choose to share, help, heal, and love.

  7. christ bids you come and die, to be part of a generation of healers, not those who harm; of those who are here to serve not to be served.

  8. join us.
    serve seattle.

    a ministry of Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission Sincerely,

    The brokenhearted,
    the bruised,
    the weary,
    the redeemed.

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